“I have had headaches and anxiety for years and tried several types of CBD products to get some relief. Holy City Remedy’s gummies and tincture oil seems to truly relieve my pain + anxiousness. Not only do I not feel the pain/discomfort from headaches, I no longer have the tightness in my chest that anxiety can bring. I take the recommended dose of the tincture in the morning and have a gummy later in the afternoon. I have not felt this good in a long time! Living easy and free feels so good 🙂 Thankful to have found Holy City Remedy!!!”

– Erin D. of Charlotte, NC


“Over a year ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Since my diagnosis, I have had numerous visits to the doctor that resulted in a regimen of harmful medications that have provided little or no relief. I have tried several different CBD products and brands and Holy City Remedy’s CBD pain salve is by far the best! It works fast and provides more relief than any other CBD product or prescribed medications that I have used. Thanks, Holy City Remedy!!!”

– Danette M. of North Charleston, SC


“On a whim, I bought a 25mg CBD gummy from Holy City Remedy at my local vape store. All I can say is that I slept better than I have in a very, very long time. Totally unexpected – I think I now understand their slogan “Feeling Is Believing”. Awesome product!”

– John H of Phoenix, AZ


“Kure Vape had a jar of gummies on the counter. The cashier told me they were pretty good so I bought five. I ate a couple of them not expecting much. They hit me pretty hard and totally relaxed me. I now buy these gummies all the time. Really powerful product for such a small edible. It’s rare you find a product that gives such a bang for your buck.”

– Scooter B. of Columbia, SC


“I’m a pretty stressed out person. . . .between work, kids, and this damn coronavirus. My neighbor suggested I try CBD. Not knowing anything about it I was well informed by my local retailer who pointed me towards Holy City Remedy’s 1500mg tincture. He said that Holy City Remedy makes it part of their offering that they visit their retail customers and educate them on CBD and their products. He said the education provided to him is invaluable in educating his customers and could not speak more highly about Holy City Remedy. I took a ml of their tincture before bed and woke the next day as if I had slept for 3 days. It offered me sleep that I have not had in what seems to be years. Now I’ll take a dropper of tincture every couple of nights and I’m finding that I’m simply more relaxed and less anxious. I’m now a believer!!”

– Annie B. of Lexington, SC


“I got tired of taking pharmaceutical drugs so I started asking my doctor about CBD. He didn’t know much which surprised me. I went to a local pharmacy advertising CBD and asked the pharmacist. She knew a lot about it and really helped me understand – she believed that quality CBD products could replace many of the prescriptions that many people take. Holy City Remedy was one of those products. I’m now educating my doctor about CBD and we’re working on a program that includes CBD in lieu of some of my prescriptions. It’s a relief to think that I can take something that occurs naturally. It’s still early but right now I’m feeling more rested and relaxed than I did on my previous regiment of drugs. I’d encourage everyone to do their own research as I do believe that CBD can be a game-changer.”

– Maggie S. of Charlotte, NC


“Holy City Remedy’s CBD pain salve is life-changing! I am an active runner and am finding as I get older my knees and ankles just aren’t what the used to be. I used to dread getting back home after a run, but now thanks to Holy City Remedy’s pain salve I take comfort knowing my aches and pains are also a thing of the past! So glad I found this company’s products!”

– John B. of Monroe, NC


“I am a gym rat and take pride in my body. Sometimes after a hard workout, especially on a chest or arms day, I can tell I overdid it as evidenced by my post-workout muscle soreness. Holy City Remedy’s CBD recovery cream really helps bring me back to a good comfort level and I absolutely love the cooling sensation it provides. This is also my go-to after a long day out on the boat if I get a sunburn. Forget aloe vera, Holy City Remedy’s recovery cream is the real deal!”

– Michael R. of Charleston, SC


“For over 15 years I have tried all types of sleep aids for my anxiety to help me go to bed and stay asleep. A few things have “kinda” worked but leave me groggy the next morning. The CBD tinctures from Holy City Remedy keep me asleep and on my toes the next morning. Couldn’t recommend it more!”

– Donna K. of Greenville, SC


“Holy City Remedy’s products are truly remarkable, both in effectiveness and value. I am a seasoned CBD user and have tried dozens of other brands over the past 3 years. Holy City Remedy is in a league of their own. I can’t believe I used to pay 2-3 times as much for other companies’ tinctures. I was often left wondering if CBD was just snake oil as none of them I found to be very effective. I kept switching brands just thinking I hadn’t found the right brand yet and would try just “one more” since everyone was talking about CBD in the news. I only wish I would have discovered Holy City Remedy sooner. I am now a customer for life!”

– Stephen E. of Pensacola, FL

Holy City, my name is Kim. I’ve been a nurse for 22yrs. Unfortunately, my career has taken a toll on my knees and at 45 I need bilateral knee replacements. My orthopedic suggested I try CBD. I was reluctant at first but I reached out to a friend of mine that sells your product. I am beyond amazed at the relief I get! I use the 1500mg tincture drops & the salve twice daily faithfully! I don’t have words to express how thankful I am for your product! I promote it all the time and have a few family members that have started using it as well. Thank you for the pain relief!!

– Kimberly H. Prosperity, SC”